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RENEWED LIBERTY- Honoring America and Her Military Families With New US Flags
The goal of Renewed Liberty is to provide a free US flag to homes that are flying a faded or tattered flag so that it may be properly retired.  They also give a free flag and house-mounted pole to any Central WI US Military member, current or retired, or the immediate family of either.

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This is a program for ensuring the community's ability to conserve, rehabilitate and improve residential properties occupied by low-to-moderate residents.
See the attached brochure or go to the program website for more information. 

How to Report Wild Parsnip

Portage County Land and Water Conservation Division and Portage County UW-Extension are working with Portage County Towns and citizens to identify, locate, map, and eradicate wild parsnip, and invasive week before it spreads throughout the County. Click for more information


Reporting & Resources

Attention Farmers:  The Town of Grant's Zoning Ordinance includes a farmland preservation district.  You may qualify for this program.  See the map for areas that are part of this district.  Visit the DATCP website for details on this program. 

There are select transportation services in Portage County available if you are over 60 and/or have a disability.  Click here for information. 

These may be of interest to you:


DO YOU KNOW? Focus on Energy has a recycling program for working refrigerators and freezers.  You can receive $20 for on old appliance.  Visit or call (800) 354-1898 to learn more.