Adoption of Uniform Dwelling Code 02-10-2010

All-Terrain Vehicle/Utility Terrain  Vehicle (Amended July 2019)
          ATV Route Map

Comprehensive Plan (2018)

Dog 08-11-2010

Domestic Fowl Ordinance (2021)
           Domestic Fowl Permit Application 

Drive Way 10-09-2013

Establishing Appointment of Town Clerk and Town Treasurer 06-10-2020
        and the   Resolution to Rescend Ordinance 2020-01

Extended Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes 04-10-2012

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons (2022-01)


Issuance of Citations for Violations of Town Ordinances 04-16-2008

Junk Dealers 05-07-1966

Keg Registration 07-12-2006

Municipal Solid Waste 09-09-2009

Outdoor Woodburner 05-11-2011

Plan Commission 10-11-2004

Prohibiting Issuance of Alcohol Beverage Licenses for Non-payment of Taxes, Assessment and Claim Amended May 16, 2018

Protecting Town Water Supply 07-09-2002

Recycling 09-09-2009

Regulating the Parking and Location of House Trailers, Licensing and Regulating Trailer Camps, Providing for the Taxation of Trailers and Providing a Penalty

Reimbursement for Emergency Rescue Extrication Services on State and County Highways 12-16-2011

Road Construction 09-08-1997

Split Shifts for Election Workers 03-14-2012

Stop Signs on Highways, Ordinance to Provide;(Birch & Angle) 04-30-2019 

Subdivisions and Other Divisions of Land by Owner or Owners 11-02-1978

Tax Collection Ordinance 10-10-2018

Utility Accommodation Ordinance #2012-2  (also see the Utility Accommodation Policy) 

WEIGHT LIMITS - 10 Ton/6 Ton Weight Limit Ordinance 2015
      List of Designated Roads - 2015
      Map of Grant Road Weight Restrictions
Wireless Telecommunications Tower and Antennae 05-16-2008

     Amended Zoning Ordinance - December 2016
     Appendix A - Setbacks
     Appendix B - Quarrying  


Cell Phone Policy (2018)

Utility Accommodation Policy #2012-01 


Election Wards (Resolution 2021-02)  and  Ward Map  

Expense Sheets (Resolution 2002-01)

Hazards Mitigation Plan Resolution  (2019-3)

Posting Locations for Public Notification (2015-03)

Speed Limit - Resolution 01-2021 to Lower Speed Limit on Town Road, Mill Rd.

Tax Payments - Resolution 2020-1:  Waving Interest and Penalties on Certain Late Property Tax Payments Due and Payable after April 1, 2020